Are you using Adroll or Google ads for your Prospecting and retargeting campaigns?, If so, you know that it could be difficult to create all the ads in every size. So we (bannerpick) provide you a free template of Photoshop(.psd) for absolutely free which includes all the recommended ad sizes.

Adroll and Google ads recommended ad sizes.

Wide skyscraper 160×600

Medium Rectangle 300×250

Leaderboard 728×90

Half page 300×600

Billboard 970×250

Mobile Leaderboard 320×50

Instagram 600×500

Taboola 600×600

Facebook 600×315

What File Types does Adroll and google ads accept?

JPG and PNG (non-animated)
GIF (up to 30 seconds, 15–20 fps, no looping)
HTML5 (up to 30 seconds, no looping)

The File Size Limit: up to 150KB

Our Creative team uses this template to design all of the different Adroll and google ads sizes in one simple photoshop template. So You need not create individual ads size for each ad.
You can watch the tutorial here If you have any issues.

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